Crucible's Wish List

Armors: Sylvan armor. This is the easist armor I’ve seen, and gives a bonus to skills I cre about.

Weapons: Like I said, the Duelist’s weapon. It sets up for sneak attack. Anything that makes SA better is desired.

Feet: Acrobat boots or wavestrider boots.

Hands: Burglar’s gloves or gloves of piercing.

Neck: I can has an Elven Cloak? At more our level, a Safewing Amulet would be nifty.

Belt: Ironskin Belt? But who wouldn’t want that one?

I don’t have access to AV, so everything here is from the phb. I’ll look through the AV sometime and see if there’s anything else awesome.

Crucible's Wish List

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