War has ravaged the continent of Khorvaire for the past hundred years. Now the once unified nation of Galifar is split into five nations. The beautiful country of Cyre has been completely destroyed, leaving the desolate Mournland in its place. The shock of this tragedy prompted the other nations into an unsteady peace – something no one has experience for over a hundred years.

Sharn is the largest city in the known world. Located on the coast of Breland, it is home to a wide diversity of races and nationalities. There has been peace between the five nations for the past two years. However, peace has not ended the daily turmoil within City of Towers.

A favorite local saying is that all important stories either begin or end in Sharn. Certainly, the city has enough conflict to feed a thousand tales. The city is still a hotbed of international intrigue, with spies and assassins lurking in every level of society. Wartime profiteers seek to spread the seeds of discontent. Government officials and members of the Dragonmarked Houses look to consolidate their power. Meanwhile, gangs compete for control over the streets and unexplained horrors occasionally creep from the underground underbelly of the city. This is where our story begins…

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Struggle Of Peace

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