Things Everyone Knows

Below is a collection of common knowledge about the world. Almost everyone living in Khorvaire should know the below information.


I will send you all an Excel spreadsheet version of the Eberron calendar. This calendar will include all important holidays. The campaign will begin in year 998, two years after the Last War ended. The specific date is yet to be decided.

There are exactly 28 days in each month. The months are:
  • Zarantyr
  • Olarune
  • Therendor
  • Eyre
  • Dravango
  • Nymm
  • Lharvion
  • Barrakas
  • Rhaan
  • Sypheros
  • Aryth
  • Vult
The seven days of the week are:
  • Sul
  • Mol
  • Zol
  • Wir
  • Zor
  • Far
  • Sar


Khorvaire is the continent where the Five Nations reside. A long time ago, this contentent was under the control of a single kingdom – Galifar. Each region of Galifar was placed under the control of King Galifar’s five children. He intended them to rule in peace, but after his death his children fought over the land. This resulted in the Last War, which lasted for a hundred years.

During the war, five distinct nations were born: Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath, and Thrane. Cyre was recently destroyed by an unknown tragedy. It has been reduced to a treacherous wasteland known as the Mournland.


Breland was named after King Galifar’s second daughter, Brey. It is now ruled by King Boranel ir’Wynarn, who had a flair for adventure in his youth and is well-liked by his people. He lives in the capitol city of Wroat.

Although Breland has kept its monarchy in place, it is one of the few nations that is experimenting with democracy. Many duties of government, including much legislation, is handled by the Brelish Parliament.

The Brelish heraldry is a roaring bear surrounded by gold wyverns on a crimson shield. Blue and Gold are considered the national colors of Breland. The Brelish motto is “We gain what we give.”


This impossibly large city of magically constructed spires sits on the southern edge of Breland. It is situated between the Dagger River and the King’s Forest. The climate is hot and humid.

The Lord Mayor of Sharn is whis worship Cathan ir’Demell. He has been the Lord Mayor for twenty years. He is resposible for representing the interests of Sharn in any direct contact with the Brelish Crown.

The City Council creates the local laws and decides how local government resources are to be used wihtin the city. There are 17 council members, of from each ward in the city. Rules for electing the council member varies from ward to ward, but the council member is supposed to be a leader who represents the interests of his or her ward.

Dragonmarked Houses

Since the governments of Khorvaire borrowed heavily from the Dragonmarked Houses, some believe that the Houses are more powerful then any single nation. Due to its size, Sharn hosts representatives from all of the Dragonmarked Houses. However, four of these Houses have the greatest presence and impact in Sharn. They are Houses Cannith, Deneith, Kundarak, and Sivis.

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Things Everyone Knows

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