Game Rules

Allowable Content

  • All of the D&D 4e Core rulebooks are allowed. This includes PHB, PHB2, Martial Handbook, etc.
  • No setting-specific content is allowed unless it comes from the Eberron campaign setting (no Forgotten Realms races, classes, etc.)
  • If you want to use anything from Dungeon or Dragon magazine, I want to see it before allowing it in the campaign.
  • You may choose backgrounds from the PHB2 and the Eberron Player’s Guide. I’ve decided to allow backgrounds, assuming you provide me with a short explanation of your background. Although you may choose more than one background, you may only recieve in-game benifit from one background. You may choose one of the following benifits from your background:
    • Gain a +2 bonus to checks with a skill associated with your background.
    • Add a skill associated with your background to your class’s skills list before you choose your trained skills.
    • Choose one language connected to your background. You can speak, read, and write that language fluently.

Character Creation

  • Use the point buy system specified in the Players Handbook.
  • All players must provide the following information about their character:
    • Full Name
    • Description of parents. Even if your character does not know who your parents were, I want you to know who your character’s parents were. Warforged characters are exempt, but must instead provide the whorl on their foreheads.
    • At least two NPCs your character knows who live in Sharn.
    • A character background. You can be as detailed as you like, but a few paragraphs should will be fine.
    • An explanation as to why you are a member of the Clifftop Adventuring Guild. Your character may only take adventuring jobs on a part-time basis, but I want your association with the Guild to be a common link between your characters.

House Rules

  • Murder is illegal in Sharn. To save everyone from the trouble from always specifying that they do not kill their foes, all dropped opponents are assumed knocked out unless otherwise stated.
  • I don’t think anyone wants to worry about rent and daily living expenses. Since every day of your character’s life won’t be described during gameplay, I will assume that you do whatever you need to do to pay for such things. However, I want everyone to think about the kind of place they live. It’s not required to specify the exact district you live in, but it would be a good idea to consider what kind of living situation suits your character. Roommates and landlords are excellent options for NPCs.

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Game Rules

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