Struggle Of Peace

Doctor Rooke, I Presume?

The Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild directed the party to the wizard Payton Fowler, who was searching for a cure for Bone Creep, a horrible disease in which injuries heal improperly, with the injured areas turning to bone. To continue his research, he needed some rare herbs from Dr. Rooke, an associate and reknowned botanist. Payton Fowler needed someone to go to Dr. Rooke to pick up the herbs, as the journey would take several days and he had to remain at home to care for his son, who suffers from Bone Creep.

The party travelled to First Tower, a small town just outside the King’s Forest, and inquire about Dr. Rooke. Unfortunately, although everyone agreed that he lives in the King’s Forest, no one seems to know exactly where. They are advised that he comes to town periodically, and if they waited he should come out within a week or two. Not wanting to waste time, the party decided to try to track Dr. Rooke down, and pays the fees to enter the forest. The Knight Rangers, who watch over the forest, warned them to watch out for the Jungle Boys, a group of local bandits that have been causing trouble.

Searching around, the party found some signs that an herbalist might be in the area. Along the road, they encountered some of the Jungle Boys, who tried to get them to pay a “toll”. When the party refused, the Jungle Boys attacked, but the party made short work of them. Heading off the trail, the party found more signs of habitation in the woods, including some herbs that have been transplanted from other areas, and signs of someone collecting them. Eventually, they found a cave, and called in for Dr. Rooke. The party was surprised when they were answered by Dr. Rooke, revealing himself as a green dragon. After changing to his human form, Dr. Rooke invited everyone in for tea and a discussion of current events. Afterwards, Dr. Rooke gave the party the herbs that Payton Fowler requested. He also asked the party if they knew Yumi, another person he corresponds with in Sharn that he has a package for. Crucible offers to deliver the package to Yumi. The party travelled back to Sharn, and delivered the herbs to a grateful Payton Fowler.

Poisoned Pigeons

Zarantyr 23

After a morning solving a puzzling theft, Sidereal suggested that the party visit a cafe he knew about near his home for lunch. Heading down that way, Sidereal noticed a ruckus outside his house, his landlord’s son, Thibodeaux, comes up and tells him that the pigeons are awful sick and their legs was going every which a way. Hurrying to the roof to see what they can do, the party discovered Sidereal’s landlord Euphage LeBeau wringing the necks of some of the dying pigeons. Searching for the cause of the sickness, the party found a vial of poison, apparently dropped from above.

As they wondered where it came from, the party noticed someone on the landing above looking down at them. He came down and introduced himself as Simon Xander, an investigator of the King’s Citadel. He was investigating the murder of Miles Sunglow, a reporter for the Sharn Inquisitive. The murderer used poison, and apparently that was where the poison that killed the pigeons came from. Xander introduces his partner, Hugo Sledge. With some persuasion, the party managed to convince the two to let the party help in the investigation. Xander and Hugo have discovered that the poison was a concentrate from Spiderbane Yorrow, a Xen’drik plant whose extract is commonly used as a pesticide.

The party walked around and talked to the neighbors in the hopes of finding a witness. They eventually discovered Yumi, a horticulture student who saw a suspicious person running from the crime scene. They canvassed the neighborhood bars with the description, and eventually found a bartender who remembered the man, although he didn’t know who he was. The bartender did recall that he smelled strongly of Xen’drik special cigars. The party decided to move their search to Little Xen’drik, and Aspen suggested a few stores that stocked both Xen’drik specials and Spiderbane Yorrow.

At the third shop, as the party asked the shopkeeper about the suspect, the man himself stepped out of the back room. The shopkeeper warned him to run, and moved to get something behind the counter. Quick on his feet, Crucible rushed to engage the suspect, whom Aspen encases in a wind prison, while the rest of the party dealt with the shopkeeper and the arbalester he activated. The shopkeeper also made use of several clockwork bombs, which the members of the party nimbly avoid. The shopkeeper managed to activate a second arbalester, but soon fell to Milan’s attack. With the shopkeeper dealt with, Vincent quickly deactivated the arbalester. The battle over, the party examines the suspect, discovering that the tattoo that Yumi described is actually an aberrant dragonmark. Vincent and Crucible are horrified, realizing how inherently dangerous a person bearing such a mark can be.

Turning the two over to Xander and Sledge, the King’s Citadel Investigators thank the party for their help. Vincent and Crucible both attend his hanging, pleased that they have managed to prevent such a vile creature from wraking further havoc in the world.

A Puzzling Theft

Zarantyr 23

The party was having lunch together, discussing some of their recent adventures, when a heavily tattooed half-orc came in and made a beeline for Milan. He wanted to bust some heads, and he needed someone smart like Milan to find out which heads to bust. Milan introduced the half-orc as Unger, and gets roped into helping him, with Unger’s persuasiveness helped along by those enjoying Milan’s discomfort at the reunion. Apparently a necklace was stolen from the apartment of Banu, a drow friend of Milan’s that he had not seen in some time. The necklace did not belong to her, but to her employer, Tarz Sneric, owner of the Allure Talent Agency.

The party went to the Allure Talent Agency to talk to Sneric, hoping to get more details on the situation. Tarz talked to the party, but did not seem very hopeful for their chances. Still, he paid them 10 gold up front to look into the matter.

The party’s next stop was Banu’s apartment, the scene of the crime. Speaking to Banu and her half-elven friend Etse, the party learned the details of the crime. Banu left her apartment late in the evening, in a hurry to make it in time for a performance. While she was gone, someone came into her apartment, ransacked it, and then ran out. Her neighbor, Harra Dain, noticed something was wrong and screamed for the watch, and saw the thief as she ran from the scene of the crime. The watch was there less than five minutes later. The necklace was kept under the bed in a puzzle box. The puzzle box was found lying on the floor, but the necklace was not inside. This was very odd, as the puzzle box takes at least 2 minutes to open for someone familiar with it. Banu was amazed that the thief managed to get into the box in the few minutes she had to do it.

Speaking with Harra Dain, the only witness to the crime, the party discovered that the theft definitely occurred at 8 bells, as she heard the bell ring as the thief was running away.

Banu remembered that several years ago some woman came around looking for Milan, and asked Banu to give something to him. Banu complained that it’s been taking up space in her closet, but gave him the cloak, which seemed to be made of leaves that constantly twist a person’s eyes as they look at it.

The party went to talk to the watchman in charge of the case, constable Erex Kimble. On the way, a pair of men disguised with very fake beards and mustaches told them they should stop poking their noses where it doesn’t belong. When the party didn’t back down, the two threw a gem to the ground that summoned an elemental of ice to attack.

Kimble was not very hopeful, and believed it was likely a random theft, leading to a wide open suspect list. When the party mentioned the puzzle box, he noted that given time anyone could figure the puzzle box out, and the thief had at least 15 minutes to take care of business before he was caught. This surprised the party, who recalled that Banu told them that the thief had very little time. Going back to Banu to check the stories, they learned that Banu took a shortcut to the Starlight for her performance, and got there in only 3 minutes, rather than the 15 minutes the constable thought it would take using the normal route. This information seemed to make the crime impossible. The constable asked the party to go and talk to Sneric and see if he had any insights with this new information.

After walking into Snerric’s office, Sidereal immediately asked Snerric what he did with the necklace. Snerric was visibly shaken. Taking the initiative, Vincent proceeded to recount the evidence against Snerric, and that it was obvious that Snerric was behind the theft. Snerric, his confidence coming back, blustered that he has nothing to hide, and tells the party to search all they want to. It didn’t take long to figure out that Snerric’s desk was also a puzzle box, and with a little work, they managed to open it, revealing the necklace. Snerric desperately calls for his men, but even with their help he was no match for our brave adventurers.

Warforged Rights

Zarantyr 18th

At noon, the party met up at the Red Hand for lunch. After mentioning Hand’s invitation, the bouncer let them in. They walked up to the bartender, Blue, a warforged covered in blue enamel, and asked about Hand. She advised them to have a seat, and he would probably be in shortly.

While they waited, the party observed a couple of punk Warforged playing at darts, and overheard a discussion between the Warforged Doc and the Gnome Phineas Farnsworth Ferrywinkle the Fourth about opening up a Warforged repair shop. Vincent showed some interest in their endeavor, and passed the time with them until Hand’s arrival.

Hand came in and took the party to a table, where they ordered food and drinks and discussed the mission. Hand had found out about a factory that was using warforged as slave labor in violation of the Treaty of Thronehold. He wanted to hire the party to distribute leaflets telling the workers about their rights. Everyone agreed to help, and he gave the details, particularly asking the party not to kill anyone.

Hand left the party at the entrance to one of the factory’s ventilation shafts. Continuing on their own, they found a room with giant fans. As soon as they entered, the gunk on the fans revealed itself to be living ooze, which reached forward to engulf them. Avoiding the dangerous fans as they attacked the Ochre Jellies, the party managed to pound the living goop to unmoving pulp. Catching their breath and continuing on, it was not long before the party discovered another band of scavengers in the shaft, as blood spiders poured out of grates in the wall. Standing back to back, they made short work of the arachnid menace.

Finally, the party found the shaft’s exit into the factory. Fortunately, it let out on the higher level, and they saw the factory floor through the grates. Hoping to avoid open combat, Sidereal and Crucible tried to hold the doors closed as Vincent, Milan, and Aspen pushed the leaflets through the grates. Unfortunately, the guards were stronger and more alert than expected. With lightning speed, they pulled open the door and dispatched a surprised Crucible. The guards were well-trained and had wizards backing them up, making for a hard-fought battle. Aspen evened the odds by throwing one of the wizards off of his platform and into the warforged on the factory floor, who helpfully held him in place, possibly emboldened by what they saw in the leaflets. Recovering with the assistance of Sidereal, Crucible knocked one guard unconscious while temporarily blinding another.

Victorious but much the worse for wear, the party tied up the guards and made sure none of them died before disappearing back down the vent. Hand was pleased to hear that everyone made it through safely, and that no one was killed. Hopefully, the Warforged on the factory floor will find their way to freedom, now that they know that they do not need to slave away as their masters have been forcing them to. Grateful for their help, Hand gifted a Delver’s Light Warforged Component to Sidereal.

The Beginning

Zarantyr 16th

Our story begins in the halls of the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild, where a group of individuals await a new assignment. Mimi, a secretary at the guild, provided the details – guard duty for a valuable work of art. The employer, Toden Galt, is a warehouse manager in Cogsgate. He wants to ensure that the sculpture is delivered safely to Captain Jarvis of the Sea Maiden at the docks of Precarious.

No one expected any trouble, but before the adventurers acquired the sculpture, they were accosted by a Halfling cutpurse. Before the thief could make his escape, Crucible yelled for the thief to stop and then pursued him into a blind alley. Sidereal quickly realized it was his flaccid purse that was stolen and also gave chase. Halfling Slingers jumped out from behind crates and are quickly joined by guardian reptilian creatures. The battle was hard fought, and Sidereal was rendered temporarily inert. Fortunately, Vincent had a store of liquid metal to seal his wounds and magic to infuse Sidereal’s body, restoring him. Together, the companions managed to capture the Halflings and their dinosaur pets and turn them over to the Sharn watch. The heroes then continued on to their assignment, wondering if the job will prove to be as eventful as a simple trip through the city.

The party arrived at the warehouse and met with Toden Galt. He explained that he wanted a valuable statue guarded as a routine precaution, particularly since the piece is made of glass. Looking it over, the party saw that it was a gorgeous work done in the Flamic design popular in Thrane. Keeping it covered, they started down the streets of Sharn toward Precarious.

The party was not even halfway to their destination before their way was barred. A knife-wielding bravo named Vinny the Shark, accompanied by Bara Urp and two others, declared that the sculpture was stolen from his employer. When challenged, he offered to let the Watch sort things out. After some discussion, the party agreed. After all, Toden Galt would want to know if someone was trying to use him to pass off stolen goods. Toden Galt and the true artist, Marcel Markel, met at the guard station. Mr. Galt was mortified that he was handling stolen goods and, as a gesture of good faith to Marcel, offered to hire the party to guard the statue through the night. Of course, the party agreed to the generous offer, and traveled with Mr. Markel to his workshop.

The party spent some time talking to Marcel Markel and then settled into the routine of guard-work. In the middle of the night, goblins in black masks crashed through the windows and attacked. The battle was brutal… for the goblins. During the fighting, Aspen noticed a [[black-cloaked and masked woman]] watching through the window. When the mysterious figure realized she was spotted, she dropped out of sight.

Zarantyr 17th When Marcel came in the next morning and saw the bodies, he thanked everyone profusely for keeping his artwork safe. He also insisted that they come to his party that night at Gallery 23, an invitation only affair. Although there were some reservations, and a sigh of imminent boredom from Sidereal, everyone agreed to come.

That evening, the party seemed to be going well for Marcel Markel. It was not long, however, before the matronly and anti-Warforged Vola Horace verbally assaulted Marcel for bringing a “weapon” to the gallery. Although personally insulted, Sidereal responded diplomatically, attempting to smooth things over. Seeing his difficulty, Hamilcar prompted Sidereal to mention the Lady Horus’s charitable efforts to install handrails in Sharn’s lower districts. This seemed to mollify her somewhat, and Sidereal’s other companions also quickly stepped in to defend him, pointing out that Warforged were not all used as weapons, and that Sidereal in particular is not some unthinking weapon. After some discussion, Lady Horace admitted that she may have been hasty, and the art showing continued.

As the party left Gallery 23 for the evening, they were approached by a Warforged named Hand who asked them for help. He had heard of some of their work, particularly their recent run-in with Lady Horace. He wanted to hire a group to help distribute leaflets to some ignorant Warforged workers at a sweatshop in the hopes of enlightening them as to their rights so that they can break free of their bondage. The mission is slightly illegal, as it involves trespassing. However, the factory owners are also breaking the law in not honoring the Treaty of Thronehold, which freed the Warforged. The members of the party agreed to hear him out during lunch at a bar known as The Red Hammer.


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