Struggle Of Peace

Warforged Rights

Zarantyr 18th

At noon, the party met up at the Red Hand for lunch. After mentioning Hand’s invitation, the bouncer let them in. They walked up to the bartender, Blue, a warforged covered in blue enamel, and asked about Hand. She advised them to have a seat, and he would probably be in shortly.

While they waited, the party observed a couple of punk Warforged playing at darts, and overheard a discussion between the Warforged Doc and the Gnome Phineas Farnsworth Ferrywinkle the Fourth about opening up a Warforged repair shop. Vincent showed some interest in their endeavor, and passed the time with them until Hand’s arrival.

Hand came in and took the party to a table, where they ordered food and drinks and discussed the mission. Hand had found out about a factory that was using warforged as slave labor in violation of the Treaty of Thronehold. He wanted to hire the party to distribute leaflets telling the workers about their rights. Everyone agreed to help, and he gave the details, particularly asking the party not to kill anyone.

Hand left the party at the entrance to one of the factory’s ventilation shafts. Continuing on their own, they found a room with giant fans. As soon as they entered, the gunk on the fans revealed itself to be living ooze, which reached forward to engulf them. Avoiding the dangerous fans as they attacked the Ochre Jellies, the party managed to pound the living goop to unmoving pulp. Catching their breath and continuing on, it was not long before the party discovered another band of scavengers in the shaft, as blood spiders poured out of grates in the wall. Standing back to back, they made short work of the arachnid menace.

Finally, the party found the shaft’s exit into the factory. Fortunately, it let out on the higher level, and they saw the factory floor through the grates. Hoping to avoid open combat, Sidereal and Crucible tried to hold the doors closed as Vincent, Milan, and Aspen pushed the leaflets through the grates. Unfortunately, the guards were stronger and more alert than expected. With lightning speed, they pulled open the door and dispatched a surprised Crucible. The guards were well-trained and had wizards backing them up, making for a hard-fought battle. Aspen evened the odds by throwing one of the wizards off of his platform and into the warforged on the factory floor, who helpfully held him in place, possibly emboldened by what they saw in the leaflets. Recovering with the assistance of Sidereal, Crucible knocked one guard unconscious while temporarily blinding another.

Victorious but much the worse for wear, the party tied up the guards and made sure none of them died before disappearing back down the vent. Hand was pleased to hear that everyone made it through safely, and that no one was killed. Hopefully, the Warforged on the factory floor will find their way to freedom, now that they know that they do not need to slave away as their masters have been forcing them to. Grateful for their help, Hand gifted a Delver’s Light Warforged Component to Sidereal.



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