Struggle Of Peace

Poisoned Pigeons

Zarantyr 23

After a morning solving a puzzling theft, Sidereal suggested that the party visit a cafe he knew about near his home for lunch. Heading down that way, Sidereal noticed a ruckus outside his house, his landlord’s son, Thibodeaux, comes up and tells him that the pigeons are awful sick and their legs was going every which a way. Hurrying to the roof to see what they can do, the party discovered Sidereal’s landlord Euphage LeBeau wringing the necks of some of the dying pigeons. Searching for the cause of the sickness, the party found a vial of poison, apparently dropped from above.

As they wondered where it came from, the party noticed someone on the landing above looking down at them. He came down and introduced himself as Simon Xander, an investigator of the King’s Citadel. He was investigating the murder of Miles Sunglow, a reporter for the Sharn Inquisitive. The murderer used poison, and apparently that was where the poison that killed the pigeons came from. Xander introduces his partner, Hugo Sledge. With some persuasion, the party managed to convince the two to let the party help in the investigation. Xander and Hugo have discovered that the poison was a concentrate from Spiderbane Yorrow, a Xen’drik plant whose extract is commonly used as a pesticide.

The party walked around and talked to the neighbors in the hopes of finding a witness. They eventually discovered Yumi, a horticulture student who saw a suspicious person running from the crime scene. They canvassed the neighborhood bars with the description, and eventually found a bartender who remembered the man, although he didn’t know who he was. The bartender did recall that he smelled strongly of Xen’drik special cigars. The party decided to move their search to Little Xen’drik, and Aspen suggested a few stores that stocked both Xen’drik specials and Spiderbane Yorrow.

At the third shop, as the party asked the shopkeeper about the suspect, the man himself stepped out of the back room. The shopkeeper warned him to run, and moved to get something behind the counter. Quick on his feet, Crucible rushed to engage the suspect, whom Aspen encases in a wind prison, while the rest of the party dealt with the shopkeeper and the arbalester he activated. The shopkeeper also made use of several clockwork bombs, which the members of the party nimbly avoid. The shopkeeper managed to activate a second arbalester, but soon fell to Milan’s attack. With the shopkeeper dealt with, Vincent quickly deactivated the arbalester. The battle over, the party examines the suspect, discovering that the tattoo that Yumi described is actually an aberrant dragonmark. Vincent and Crucible are horrified, realizing how inherently dangerous a person bearing such a mark can be.

Turning the two over to Xander and Sledge, the King’s Citadel Investigators thank the party for their help. Vincent and Crucible both attend his hanging, pleased that they have managed to prevent such a vile creature from wraking further havoc in the world.



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