Struggle Of Peace

Doctor Rooke, I Presume?

The Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild directed the party to the wizard Payton Fowler, who was searching for a cure for Bone Creep, a horrible disease in which injuries heal improperly, with the injured areas turning to bone. To continue his research, he needed some rare herbs from Dr. Rooke, an associate and reknowned botanist. Payton Fowler needed someone to go to Dr. Rooke to pick up the herbs, as the journey would take several days and he had to remain at home to care for his son, who suffers from Bone Creep.

The party travelled to First Tower, a small town just outside the King’s Forest, and inquire about Dr. Rooke. Unfortunately, although everyone agreed that he lives in the King’s Forest, no one seems to know exactly where. They are advised that he comes to town periodically, and if they waited he should come out within a week or two. Not wanting to waste time, the party decided to try to track Dr. Rooke down, and pays the fees to enter the forest. The Knight Rangers, who watch over the forest, warned them to watch out for the Jungle Boys, a group of local bandits that have been causing trouble.

Searching around, the party found some signs that an herbalist might be in the area. Along the road, they encountered some of the Jungle Boys, who tried to get them to pay a “toll”. When the party refused, the Jungle Boys attacked, but the party made short work of them. Heading off the trail, the party found more signs of habitation in the woods, including some herbs that have been transplanted from other areas, and signs of someone collecting them. Eventually, they found a cave, and called in for Dr. Rooke. The party was surprised when they were answered by Dr. Rooke, revealing himself as a green dragon. After changing to his human form, Dr. Rooke invited everyone in for tea and a discussion of current events. Afterwards, Dr. Rooke gave the party the herbs that Payton Fowler requested. He also asked the party if they knew Yumi, another person he corresponds with in Sharn that he has a package for. Crucible offers to deliver the package to Yumi. The party travelled back to Sharn, and delivered the herbs to a grateful Payton Fowler.



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